Is there a variable for self-employment income in IPUMS USA 2000?

I am working on a project that differentiates between self-employment income and other income. I was told by the professor I work with that there is an “INCSE” (income for self-employed) variable, but I did not see this listed in any of the IPUMS variable lists. A google search also revealed that this variable exists, or at least one did, but I can’t find how to access it. I am specifically working with IPUMS USA 2000 5% sample.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi- In the 2010 data, the variable is called “CLASSWKR” Check if this variable exists for 2000.



Class of worker

0 n/a

1 self-employed

2 works for wages

Our variable names often differ from those used by the Census Bureau, so you’ll find INCSE 2000 Census data under the IPUMS name of INCBUS00. INCBUS00 reports net pre-income-tax self-employment income from a business, professional practice, or farm for the previous calendar year.

You may also find the variable INCOTHER relevant to your research, as it reports how much of the respondent’s total monetary income came from sources not included in the other IPUMS person-record income variables.

Hope this helps.