Is there a variable for "Civilian Employed" and "Civilian Unemployed" for laborforce and resident population?

I am looking for Cilivian population data by age, sex and employment status (employed/unemployed/ In Labor Force/ In Armed Services) extracted from the 5% ACS sample at the Couty Level and PUMA level using the 5-year sample from ACS. This data would be used to feed into our Labor Force Model for Socio-Economic and Demographic Forecasting. I could not find any Civilian related variables under IPUMS USA but found it under IPUMS CPS. I was hoping to know if there is a Civilian related variable under employment for this purpose.

Those employed in the armed forces can be identified using the detailed codes for EMPSTAT (EMPSTATD). From 1970 onward, codes 14 and 15 respectively identify those employed in the armed forces – at work and those employed in the armed forces – with a job but not at work.

Additionally, you could look into using the detailed codes of VETSTAT (VETSTATD) to identify those in the armed forces.

Between EMPSTAT (…) and IND (…), you should be able to construct a variable like that:

label define civ_employed_lbl 1 “Civilian, employed” 0 “Civilian, unemployed” .a “Age <16 yo” .l “Not in labor force” .m “Military”, modify

gen byte civ_employed = (empstat == 1) if inrange(ind, 0001, 9599)

replace civ_employed = .a if age < 16

replace civ_employed = .l if empstat == 3

replace civ_employed = .m if inrange(ind,9600,9899)

label values civ_employed civ_employed_lbl

* edge cases

count if civ_employed == .

if r(N) {

sort empstat ind age

list age empstat ind if civ_employed == ., sepby( empstat ind )