Is there a resource showing which ConsPUMA every county falls into?

I got relatively far in mapping using the county groups 1% Metro Sample CSV ( and ConsPUMA component file ( but I still have 136 unmapped counties (including major counties like Los Angeles and San Bernardino County). Ultimately, I would feel a lot more comfortable using a comprehensive and official mapping resource than the hacky map job I did. However, if it’s easier to provide this information on a county by county basis, I’ve attached a file of my unmapped counties.
app_places_raw_data_-1.csv (105 KB)

We unfortunately don’t have a county-to-ConsPUMA correspondence file. Creating one would be possible, but it’s not straightforward because there’s not a direct correspondence. ConsPUMAs, like the PUMAs they’re constructed from, often comprise parts of counties. (Even 1980 “county groups” often subdivide counties, despite what their name suggests.)

But if what you’re really looking for is “a comprehensive and official mapping resource”, then I’d direct you to the shapefiles we provide for ConsPUMAs through our “Geographic Tools” pages for our original 1980-2011 ConsPUMAs and for our newer 2000-and-later ConsPUMAs.