Is there a mean (API) to download IPUMS data from a third party application ?


I am from the academic field and i am working with colleagues on an open-source java library to generate synthetic population (see:

We allready provide means to download data from INSEE (statistic from france) when user provide URL of data. We want to go further and make it possible to use data directly from IPUMS. Because, IPUMS needs identification, I want to know if there is an api to be used for such purpose: identification, selection of data and download.



Although we currently do not have an API, we do have plans to develop one. As you might imagine with the breadth and complexity of IPUMS data and metadata, designing and implementing an API will be a huge undertaking. We expect it will take years to fully implement, though we also expect several preliminary releases over that period of time. We are currently gathering names of users who would be interested in helping us with our API initiative. Help can take many forms, including participating in focus groups and serving as beta testers. If you’d like to be added to that list, let us know (via We expect to start gathering user input on APIs within the next couple of months.

Thank you a lot Jeff,

I will apply for such inniciative, as of few of my colleague on the Genstar project, as beta tester and/or part of a focus group. I’ll send an email to where you were pointing at.

Thx again,