Is the HLDID variable available for the Netherlands 2005 MTUS data?


According to the variable information online, it seems that HLDID should be available for the Netherlands 2005 data. However, when I download the data, all HLDID values for the Netherlands 2005 data are “0.” Is this a coding/data error? If not, is there an alternate way to connect members of the same household in the 2005 Netherlands data?


The HLDID variable description mentions that all records receive and HLDID value of 0 if the original files do not include unique household identifiers. Furthermore, in all of the Netherlands samples (see details here) there is only one respondent per household. This explains why there is no way to link various members of the same household.


Thanks, Jeff Bloem, for that answer. My confusion derived from the fact that the NL 2005 information suggests that multiple respondents/household were interviewed. (“All persons aged 12+ in sampled households were asked to completed one week diaries”–…) Perhaps only one person per household was included in the MTUS sample, even if additional respondents were included in the original NL 2005 data?


This is a good point! It is indeed a bit of a confusing detail in the documentation. The IPUMS Time Use team is aware of this detail and will aim to have a clarification on the website in the next few months.


Okay, many thanks!