Is the district identifier available for 1987 India Employment Survey Data?

I need the district identifiers for the 1987 census of India (Employment Survey). Is it not available at all, or not available with IPUMS?

Yes district identifiers are available.

To select them, first select the India samples from the sample selection page.

Second, click the “Unharmonized variable” button on the variable selection page.

Third, select geography from the Household drop down menu

Fourth, click the district variable for each sample desired.

Note that districts are not harmonized across samples. Also estimates at the district level are quite weak due to the small sample size. You may wish to incorporate sample stratification information (e.g., strat, sub-samp and sub-round–also unharmonized availables available from the “technical” tab) to test for statistical significance.

Caution. These features are for not for novices!