District data of third NFHS (DSH, India 2005)?

Hello there,
It is Mrinal from India looking for an easy way to get the merge data of all four NFHS. However, I found out that the very basic variable district does not have data on all four surveys.

Why is the district data of 2005 NFHS not available on IPUMS?

Is it desirable to have that piece of data on IPUMS?

Can I contribute in any way to make it available and use?

Thanks in advance.


This is a good question. As is noted on the Description Tab for the DISTRICTIA variable: “IPUMS-DHS users should note that the India 2005 sample does not contain district level information due to confidentiality requirements of HIV testing.” Therefore, the identification of district of residence for observations in the India 2005 sample is restricted due to requirements to maintain the confidentiality of respondents.

Thank you Jeff for your quick response.

But is there any way I can extract it from IPUMS? I do have access to HIV data in DHS database. Or Do I need to extract it from the DHS data set itself?


You will need to contact the DHS Program directly about the possibility of accessing restricted use DHS data. Contact information for the DHS Program is available on this page.

Thank you Jeff.