IPUMS CPS ORG versus NBER CPS ORG for 2018


I find that the sample size for 2018 IPUMS CPS Outgoing rotation group (ORG) data is about 10 percent of the 2018 NBER CPS Outgoing rotation group data. Is there an explanation to why the sample sizes are different?

If, however, the mismatch is because of how the IPUMS CPS ORG data is downloaded, I have used the following criteria – Downloaded 2018 ASEC sample with ORG variables, and used the following conditions to isolate the ORG sample – Age = 15+; EMPSTAT = 10-12; CLASSWKR= 20-28; MISH= 4 or 8. Does this work?

Thanks for your help!


The merged outgoing rotation group file available via NBER merges all of the individual ORG basic monthly samples from a given year. So, if you want to compare IPUMS ORG data to NBER ORG data you’ll need to use each 2018 basic monthly file from IPUMS, rather than just the 2018 ASEC file.