How do I access the Merged Outgoing Rotation Group data from IPUMS in the samples?

The data extraction appears to only have the ASEC and the monthly data files available. How do I access the Outgoing Rotation Group data? Why are the basic monthly data only available back until 1989?

It is not possible to directly extract the Merged Outgoing Rotation Group sample; however, you can keep only the ORG cases after downloading your IPUMS data extract. Outgoing Rotation Group members are those respondents that meet all of the following criteria: AGE=15+, EMPSTAT=10-12, CLASSWKR=20-28, and MISH=4 or 8. Researchers should use the earnings weight variable EARNWT when analyzing the outgoing rotation group/earner study.

Expanding the number of basic monthly samples and variables is one of the major projects for this year. Unfortunately, it is not clear at the moment how quickly IPUMS-CPS will be able to make the 1976-1988 basic monthly samples available. In the meantime, the source data are available through NBER.

Hope this helps.

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