IPUMS ACS Europe Regions don't match american factfinder

Hi All,

Anyone found an issue with the IPUMS ACS Europe regions? They don’t seem to match the Europe regions I get from american factfinder ACS 2017. Note Austria is in Western Europe in the American Factfinder version (first picture) and in Central/Eastern Europe in the IPUMS USA version see IPUMS ACS birthplace codes.



American Factfinder ACS 2017 Table B05006

As you’ve discovered, IPUMS does not always use the same groupings as the Census Bureau. If you prefer to use the Census groupings, you can choose to group the countries any way you want using the detailed codes available in BPLD. This is automatically added to your extract when BPL is. You can see the detailed codes by choosing the “detailed codes” radio button at the IPUMS page that you linked.