Interpretation of N/A (Code: 0) values in MIGRATE1/MIGPLAC1

I am using data from MIGRATE1/MIGPLAC1 to indicate migration to and from geographies in the US. I am curious how I should interpret a value of N/A (code == 0) for these variables. Is it safe to assume that individuals with these values did not move within the last year? Or is missingness for these variables distributed similarly to migration patterns within their current region? (ie, individuals with a missing value in these variables display similar patterns to data within their given region). Thanks!

The code 0 in MIGRATE1 and in MIGPLAC1 is the “N/A” category, which is applied to respondents who are not in universe for the variable. The 0 code is not a missing/non-response code, but just reflects that a respondent was not eligible to answer the question.

  • The universe of MIGRATE1 in the ACS is persons age 1+. All respondents with MIGRATE1 values of 0 are age 0 (less than 1 year old).
  • The universe of MIGPLAC1 in the ACS is persons age 1+ who lived in a different house 1 year ago. All respondents with MIGPLAC1 values of 0 are either age 0 or lived in the same house 1 year ago (as measured in MIGRATE1).