VALUEH - what are N/A values for ACS 2010-2014?

Hi there,

According to the codebook for value of housing, missing or N/A values are marked as 9999999 for the years 1940-2000. What about 2010-2014 5 year data?


N/A values are coded as 9999999 in all of the ACS samples as well. It may not be clear in the documentation, but “9999999 = Missing (1930), N/A (1940-2000, ACS, and PRCS)” indicates that 9999999=N/A for all samples between 1940-2000, all ACS samples, and all PRCS samples.

I hope this helps.

Thank you, Jeff. Does 0000000 = N/A (1930) not apply for ACS data post-1930?

Yes, 0000000 should only indicate “N/A” in the 1930 census data samples.