Internet Access Stats

I am trying to get data on the internet access among the following older Philadelphians (60+):

  • Black (non-Hispanic) older adults (60+)
  • Latino/Hispanic older adults (60+)
  • Older adults (60+) living under 200% of the federal poverty level

Could you please take a look at the below tables and let me know if it was done correctly? The table us for Black older adults.


Thank you!

Hi Tae,

My first recommendation will be to switch your weight to PERWT. While CITY and CINETHH are both household-level variables, your analysis focuses on older adults (i.e. individuals). You would use HHWT if you were instead calculating the number of households with/without internet access (in that case you would need to edit RACHSING and AGE to be household-level variables as well). However, with PERWT, your statistic will be the number of people living in households with/without internet. For Latino/Hispanic older adults, you’ll want to change the control field to RACHSING(5). Please keep in mind that RACHSING reassigns people who report multiple races to a single race using methods similar to those in Ingram, et al. (2003) as described in the variable page. For your last statistic, you will want to replace your control field with poverty (r:1-199"below"; 200-*“above”). This will result in the system displaying two output tables. The first will be for those making below twice the poverty threshold and the latter will display estimates for those making at least twice above it.

I hope that helps!

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Thank you very much!