Information about the Afghan population in Sacramento

I wonder if anyone can help me find data on Sacramento poverty rates, Afghan population data in Sacramento, Afghan population income data in Sacramento, and Afghan population poverty rates in Sacramento.

Any information or guidance would be most helpful.

The information you need is available through IPUMS USA. MET2013 identifies the Sacramento metropolitan area (Sacramento - Roseville - Arden - Arcade) in all samples and CITY identifies Sacramento in 2011 and earlier samples. Individuals from Afghanistan can be identified using BPL (Birthplace), income is reported through INCTOT (Total Personal Income), and poverty status is reported through the variable POVERTY.

The search function in IPUMS USA is a great place to start when exploring what variables are available that might suit your needs. In addition, this tutorial on using IPUMS documentation and variable descriptions might be helpful as you navigate available data.

You might also find the information you need through IPUMS NHGIS (see this tutorial on how to use the NHGIS data finder), which provides summary tables of USA data.