Finding information for San Jose

I’m trying to find the following information for San Jose:

  • Median household income by ancestry
  • Poverty rate by ancestry
  • Housing tenure by ancestry

Though I can find the variables above, I’m not sure how to get the geographic information I need. San Jose is not available under City data, and the PUMAs overlapping with San Joe might be too inclusive of its surround areas. Is there any other way to get city-specific data? Thank you in advance for answers!

You may be able to find all of this information on IPUMS NHGIS, which has a large number of summary statistics available at multiple levels of geography, including city. If NHGIS doesn’t have the tables you need, you may be able to isolate San Jose in the IPUMS USA microdata using a combination of MET2013 with METRO.

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Thank you! The first method is not available, so I tried to isolate using MET2013 and METRO. I’m concerned that this might overlap with Santa Clara and Sunnyvale, which are also cities in the metro area.

MET2013 identifies metropolitan areas which are therefore larger than cities. IPUMS derives METRO codes (using other geographic information such as PUMAs) for metropolitan areas when the metropolitan status is not identified by the public-use microdata sample (read more on that in the description tab for METRO). Since PUMAs must contain a minimum number of persons for confidentiality reasons, they occasionally straddle city boundaries. Based on the METRO distribution for the San Jose MET2013 (shown in the screenshot below), you will need to choose between underestimating the population of San Jose by only including “central/principal city” or overestimating the population by including records with “indeterminable (mixed)” status.