Industry and occupation information for 2020 NHIS


I was wondering why the industry and occupation information is missing for 2020 NHIS in IPUMS, though the data were collected that year. Thank you!

Hi Tashir,

You’re in luck! The NHIS team plans to add the 2020 sample to OCC and IND as part of an upcoming release closely following the Memorial Day holiday. These variables offer the original, unharmonized occupation and industry codes. As an additional note, the NHIS updated their occupation codes in 2020 to the 2018 SOC (they used the 2010 SOC in the 2018 NHIS) and their industry codes to the 2017 NAICS (they used the 2012 NAICS in the 2018 NHIS). The team also has future work planned to follow best practices to harmonize the updated occupation and industry codes into OCC1995 and IND1995.

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