India: Original Identifiers and National Industry Codes


I noticed while using IPUMS that you only provide the NICs at the 3 digit level (although the original sample surveys go up to 5 since 1999). Hence, I tried to merge the orginal NSS data I have from my university with 5 digit industrial codes with other IPUMS India (adopted NSS) data. However, the list of source variables does neither provide the original identifiers (Household or person IDs: I do not count ‘dwelling numbers’ because they are non-existent in NSS making them useless for merging, although obviously constructed on the basis of the NSS HH ID) nor the information to construct them: in particular, the FSU number is missing.

Do you have any advice on merging IPUMS with NSS? Or on obtaining 5 digit industry codes from IPUMS?

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I have been discussing this question with the IPUMS International Team. We have a follow up question. Could you let us know what specific industry variables you are looking for? If you can indicate the source variable number, that would be great. Please respond to this question by emailing