I'm having trouble figuring out how to find the November voter supplement and educational attainment.

I cannot figure out how to download November voter supplement data that also has educational attainment data with it. Please provide easy instructions for how to do so.

Voter supplement data can be accessed through IPUMS CPS. Once you have an IPUMS CPS account, you can download the data by first going here and selecting the Voter Supplement sample of interest to you. It sounds like you may want to first deselect the default samples (just uncheck the “all default samples” box). Then, navigate to the Supplement Topics tab. You will find Voter Supplement samples here. Submit your sample selections. You can then browse available variables. You can find educational data by the following in the browse data screen: Person > Core > Education. Once you’ve selected all of the variables of interest to you, go ahead and create your extract.

We have some additional help tutorials available here.