IHIS: 2000 - 2015 Issues



I’ve previously extracted a harmonized IHIS dataset covering the years 2000 - 2014. I recently decided to update the data to year 2015. However, I’ve lost almost all cases in the new dataset.

For example, I was interested in the “region of birth” variables. In my previous 2000-2014 extract, there were approx 6,000 people reporting Africa as their region of birth. However, the updated file (2000-2015) extract is reporting about 1200 people. Is the 2015 extract supposed to be merged with the previous ones to get the complete update ?

I went ahead and recreated the entire dataset/extract, selecting each variable again, but this did not help.

I would appreciate some pointers.

thanks - Emmanuel.



I’m sorry you are experiencing issues acquiring the correct and complete data. I’ve looked at your most recent data extracts, specifically your extract number 8, and all the data seems to exist as expected. For example, there are 8,121 respondents reporting “Africa” as their global region of birth (via REGIONBR). Perhaps something is going wrong when the data extract is being downloaded and/or imported into your statistical software. Here is a link to several tutorials that may assist you in troubleshooting the problem.



Thanks, Jeff. I am glad that you were able to verify the completeness of the data on your end.

I’ve watched all the videos as directed, and even switched browsers and re-downloaded the data. But I am having the same issues. Please, see attached the frequency distribution of the regionbr variable - hopefully, it might give you some insight as to what might be happening.

thanks - Emmanuel

regionbr-2.pdf (11.4 KB)
regionbr.pdf (11.4 KB)