IHIS injury extract created for 2010-2014. All cells besides identifier/weight vars are missing/empty. Help please


Hi all,

This is my first time using the IHIS data. I attempted to create an extract of most of the injury/poisoning variables for the years 2010-2014 and I get an extract that, when loaded in Stata, has all the standard identifier, weight, etc. variables (rectype, year, serial, strata, psu, nhishid, …, pernum). But all variables of interest (e.g. rectypei, yeari, seriali, nhisiid, irinjnum, irpoisyn, …, irbody1, irbody2, irpoison, etc. etc.) are missing/empty. Are there just several years with no observations? These variables I chose all had ticks in the ‘select data’ area.

Sorry if this is a dumb question. I am very confused by what I’m getting here.

Thanks very much.




Using your data extract #3, I was not able to replicate your issue of missing data. First, keep in mind that only injury record types (rectype=3) will have non-missing values for injury/poisoning variables. These record types comprise less than 2% of your data file. Second, make sure you are using the .do file that was created with the extract you are importing into Stata. If you use a command file generated with a different extract, then the data will not be read in correctly. This can result in missing or incorrect values.

Hope this helps.