Identifying self-reported wages in the CPS ORG

Is there a good way to identify whether information on wages hourly wages or weekly earnings from the CPS ORG was collected by self or proxy response?

I see that LFPROXY contains information on whether labor force information was collected by self or proxy response.

Could I use this variable to identify self-reported wages from the CPS ORG?

LFPROXY should be appropriate for identifying who reports labor force information in the basic monthly survey for CPS; I think this should also include the ORG questions. This is based on what I am seeing in the questionnaires, but want to be clear that I cannot find explicit documentation confirming this in any documentation (namely chapter 16 of technical paper 66 and the interviewer’s manual–searching for some relevant terms like “outgoing rotation” and “proxy”). I will note that LFPROXY is constructed by IPUMS for the ASEC samples.