Identifying households in MN Legislative Districts

Using the latest 5-year IPUMS-USA, I want to identify the number of households in the Minneapolis - St. Paul metro area’s 79 MN legislative districts. I have a dataset of townhome, condominium, and other homeowner association (HOA) parcels. I am considering these parcels to represent households. I want to calculate the percentage of all households in each legislative district that are in an HOA.

What IPUMS USA fields should I use to derive the denominator?

Thank you.

In order to protect respondent confidentiality, the ACS Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) that IPUMS USA provides access to reports household location on the Public Use Microdata (PUMA) level. PUMAs are geographic units created by the Census Bureau that include at least 100,000 inhabitants.

For data on more granular geographies (such as census tracts, counties, and legislative districts), IPUMS NHGIS provides access to tables with summary statistics aggregated to these geographies by the Census Bureau. We recommend that new users review the detailed FAQ and the accompanying User Guide (especially the short video tutorials) to familiarize themselves with the website and how to most effectively use the Data Finder tool.

One option is to obtain this data from the 2020 Census Redistricting Summary File using the Finder tool by filtering to 2020 as your year, including Total Housing Units as your topics filter, and State Legislative District (Lower Chamber) (by State) as your geographic filter. Table H1 Occupancy Status will provide you with the total number of occupied and vacant housing units by legislative district. Another option is to select the 2018-2022 5-year range for your years filter (instead of 2020) and select tables which report data from the 2018-2022 5-year ACS file.