I wanted to know if IPUMS is still collecting data on India. Specifically the 2011-India census data.

I want to use the 2011-India census data for analysis in India along with the IPUMS data that’s available up to 2009. So I wanted to find out if IPUMS is still collecting data on India.

Unfortuantely, just last month the Office of the Registrar General determined not to cooperate with IPUMS with regard to the 2011 or any other census microdata of India. The reply from the Joint Director states: “…please be informed that the sampled microdata of Indian Census are under the restricted access category to facilitate bonafide research only. It does not allow any agency to further disseminate or integrate the said dataset or part thereof with any other database for any purpose, whatsoever.” A change in policy is required. Meanwhile PUMS continues to integrate Schedule 10 of the NSSO surveys.