I am looking for the Kessler 6 variable in IPUMS-MEPS

I am also looking for other variables such as self reported mental health status and the PHQ-2 screener for depression but I cannot find them in the search function. It seems like they may not be there. Does IPUMs only have selected variables for MEPS instead of all variables?

At the present time IPUMS MEPS only provides a subset of the entire MEPS set of variables. However, the Kessler 6 variables are all available via IPUMS NHIS, rather than IPUMS MEPS. The AEFFORT, AHOPELESS, ANERVOUS, ARESTLESS, ASAD, AWORTHLESS variables all make up the Kessler 6 scale and can be found under the Mental Health > Adult Mental Health category in IPUMS NHIS. This section also includes a number of variables relating to depression.

Hi Jeff, When do you expect MEPS to be updated with these variables?

It is difficult to say for certain. The IPUMS Health Surveys team has only just recently released this preliminary version of IPUMS MEPS. Hopefully there will be a second release (including new variables) by the end of this year. At this point, however, I am not able to list the forthcoming variables.