hrhhid and HRHHID2 : how to build them

Good evening,

I am trying to match ipums-cps monthly files from 1989 and 2010. The main problem is that for march files the identifiers hrhhid and HRHHID2 does not exist in ipums march files.

OK, I can collect the original identifiers from the NBER-cps march supplement files , but still I have a big problem. The NBER supplements have the identifiers hrhhid and HRHHID2 only for years 2005 to 2010. How can I deal with this problem for years 1989-2004?

I would really apreciate your help


You can find NBER resources here that provide STATA .do files for matching across March CPS surveys. The .do files contain the necessary code for matching from 1980 through 1997; however, you should be able to modify them to match years after 1997. In the programs, you will be using the variables mis, hhid, hhnum, lineno, and (sometimes) state to match across years. For post-1997, the technical documentation PDFs for the March Annual Demographic File always contain a section on matching the March CPS across years, where you can find the relevant identifier(s) for matching.

I hope this helps.