How would one retrieve annual, state-level marital status rates by households and/or individuals for 1999-2017?

The IPUMS Current Population Survey section has these estimates for 2000-2017, but the IPUMS results look nothing like the 2000 Census report’s data. Just curious if there is a certain way to retrieve the data so that IPUMS and Census match, or if there is a totally separate section with marital status data for all states and D.C.

It sounds like you may be looking to replicate the information found here beyond 2000. Is that correct? IPUMS USA and IPUMS CPS provide microdata, or individual records containing information collected on persons and households. The unit of observation is the individual. The responses of each person to the different census questions are recorded in separate variables.

To use either IPUMS USA or IPUMS CPS to generate similar information, you will want to create a data extract with the samples of interest and all relevant variables. For example, if you were to use IPUMS CPS to analyze marital status by age and gender, you would need to include MARST, AGE, and SEX in your extract. These data will then need to be analyzed in statistical tool (Stata, SPSS, Sas, etc.) and weighted in order to obtain nationally representative statistics.

In case you are unfamiliar with creating data extracts, we have some help tutorials available here.

If you are interested in finding pre-aggregated information, I would recommend that you look at what IPUMS NHGIS has available. Unlike IPUMS USA or IPUMS CPS, IPUMS NHGIS provides spatially aggregated census data.

If I’ve misunderstood your question, please feel free to clarify.