How to find the original variable code from ipums unharmonized varname

Variables in the original Census microdata normally have numeric names such as “v0001”, which then becomes an Ipums unharmonized var name such as “BR1970A_SEX”.

How can I find the codes of the source variables for each Ipums unharmonized var name?

If you go to the Select Data page on IPUMS International, you will see a “source variables” radio button near the top of the page. Selecting this radio button will list the source variables under each drop-down category. If you click a variable name, then you will find documentation and codes associated with the given source variable.

@JeffBloem tks for your answer.

I am familiar with the “ipums source variables”. However, in all cases I checked, the documentation never refers to the the variable name on the data dictionary (or csv) of the original dataset. The only reference is to an image of the relevant section of the questionnaire (and question number on the questionnaire, which are different). Below are some examples.

Is there an internal spreadsheet with the “original varname” and “ipums source variables” that you could share? If not, can I access the import programs that Ipums created to import the data?


Examples of “ipums source variables” documentation:

Unfortunately, no such concordance exists at IPUMS. The source variables link directly to a specific question included on the survey and noted on the questionnaire text tab. Perhaps there is an existing concordanced provided by the Brazilian statistical agency that relates survey questions to the numeric names you are looking for.

@JeffBloem, OK. Tks a lot. Last question on this: what about import the programs used to import the data? Could you share/link those here?

Even if we did have the ability to share these programs, they would not be very helpful for this purpose. Our data conversion program is quite idiosyncratic to the internal processes of IPUMS. I’m sorry I cannot be of more help.