How is exactly PERWT calculated? Do you take into account NAICS codes or the type of job the worker has?


I want to know what are the characteristics taken into account when calculating PERWT. Specifically, if the type of job a person has is taken into account (NAICS code).

If so, I would like to know how I could adjust the weights so that the sample is representative at the metropolitan area level.



You can find the detailed methodology of how ACS calculates person weights in the “American Community Survey: Accuracy of the Data (2014)” report (weighting methodology begins on page 13). PERWT primarily takes into account demographic factors (age, race, sex and Hispanic origin), which does not include any information about a respondent’s occupation.

In general, using PERWT will generate estimates that are representative at the metro area level. For possible exceptions, please see our User’s Note on Incompletely Identified Metropolitan Areas and the variable description for MET2013ERR.

Hope this helps.