How do I analyze my data in Stata?

Hi, I have 2 variables that I extracted from IPUMS health survey. One is “ownership” and the other is “astheryr” I have to account for weights in both. One uses “sampweight” and the other used “perweight.” What is the syntax I use in Stata to account fo the sample design for two variables with different levels of weights.

The example provided in IPUMS website accounts for only one of my weights.

svyset psu [pweight=perweight], strata(strata) svy: mean var1

As far as I am aware, there is no way to specify two sample weight variables at the same time in STATA. Since ASTHERYR is asked of only “sample adults” and OWNERSHIP is asked of all persons, you will need to handle these variables separately. If you are calculating means (or some other statistic) of these variables you can specify the sample weight for each variable in [parentheses] as part of the command.