NHIS sample weights 2022

I’m using stata to work with IPUMS NHIS data 2022, I just wanted to confirm that the weights to be applied would be: svyset nhispid [pw = sampweight], strata(strata)?

Thanks in advance!

How you should apply weights when analyzing NHIS data depends on which type(s) of variables you are using, the sample(s) you are using, whether you are pooling samples, the level of your analysis (household, person, sample person, or family), and other factors. I would recommend starting with the user note on sampling weights and the user note on variance estimation to read about how to apply weights and estimate standard errors using NHIS data. On these pages you will see that while SAMPWEIGHT is the appropriate weight to use for many analyses of 2022 NHIS data, you need to use PSU and STRATA to account for sampling design when estimating standard errors.

IPUMS NHIS variables include a tab that tells you which weight to use with that variable (note there are still other considerations to be aware of when applying weights, but these tabs are a good start). In general, when applying weights to an analysis that includes variables that each should be used with different weights, you should apply the most restrictive weight.