How can I link individuals across ASEC samples?


I am an undergraduate majoring in Economics. For my class project, I want to analyze the impact of financial aid on college completement and future income.

The variable INCEDUC (income from educational assistance) is only obserbed in the ASEC samples. I am thinking if I can link individuals across years, I can get participant’s future income.

Is it a way to link individual across ASEC samples?

Thank you in advance.

You should be able to link households across ASEC samples using HRHHID and HRHHID2 (2005-2015) or HRHHID and HUHHNUM (1989-2004). You can link individuals by also including LINENO, AGE(allowed to increase by one) and SEX. Keep in mind that households are interviewed for four consecutive months, are not in the sample for the next eight months, and then are interviewed for four more consecutive months. As a result, the maximum number of ASEC samples across which you can track a respondent is only two.

Hope this helps.