How can I get the data at the smallest geographical level

I am looking for the Education Level of Population in European Countries in the year 1981. The geographical level I am interested in is NUTS 2.
By checking the information about different samples, I saw that for many countries local or regional data are available.
For example, for the sample Austria 1981, the description reports that the smallest geographical level is NUTS3. However, when I download the sample, I only get the data at national level ( country: Austria) , losing the geographical information.
What should I do in order to have the data with their geographical specification?

When making the extract, request geography variables. First select the samples that you wish to analyze. Then from the Select Data menu, scroll over household then click Geography Global. Geography variables will appear, including ENUTS1, ENUTS2 and 3. Pick ENUTS2. After retrieving the extract, include ENUTS2 in the analysis (crosstabs or whatever) to obtain statistics at that level of geographical detail.