Geography Lower than Second-Level


I am writing in interest of geography and GIS.

Could there ever be a time in the future, where more geographically precise variables, beyond the second level, be made available?

Are there any recommended sources that can be used to geo-position IPUMS sample datasets to more granular geographic levels?

Thank you!

A consistent limitation of public use microdata is the lack of precise geographic identification within the data. This is often due to confidentiality restrictions that aim to protect the identity of survey respondents. In the case of IPUMS International, we provide as much geographic detail as possible given our data sharing agreements with our partners in national statistical agencies. Therefore, it is unlikely that more precise geographic variables will be made available in the future. The best resources available for geographically mapping IPUMS International data, which you may already be familiar with, can be found on the Geography and GIS page.

Thank you!