Housing Assistance Eligibility

Is there a way to get an estimate of households by income and size (1 – 11 person hhs) for Maine? It would look something like this below but for up to 11 person per household.

Median Income Count of households
1 Person HH 21
2 Person HH 53
$10,000 to $14,999
1 Person HH 456
2 Person HH 94
Etc. etc

This can most easily be done by downloading an extract from IPUMS USA, and using the variables NUMPREC for household size and recoding HHINCOME to the bins you want. You can also do this using the IPUMS USA online data analysis system, although it will be a bit more cumbersome. An example of how you would do this:

Row: hhincome(r: 0-10000; 10000-14999; 15000-**)
Column: numprec
Selection filters: pernum(1)
Weight: hhwt (household weight)

I’m getting this when entering your suggestion.

Syntax error in filter specification: “pernum==1”. Code(s) and/or range(s) must be specified in parentheses following variable name.The pernum is kicking up the following message



Sorry, I used the wrong syntax! It should be:


I’d actually would really like to do this using the extraction tool. I’ll try that tomorrow.