How do I get the number of households and average household size- IPUMS-I

I would like to calculate the following

average household size, household composition- number of adults vs chidren, number of relationships, average family size- so how do I get the number of households, I am using IPUMS-I data

Hello. My understanding is the following.

In general:

  • PERWT denotes the number of individuals represented by a single observation (identified by SERIAL and PERNUM in a given census).

  • HHWT denotes the number of individuals represenseted by a a household (identified by SERIAL in a given census), it should be counted once for each household.

For within household computations:

  • first, all indiviudals from a household should be assigned the same weight of 1 when making computations within a given household ;

  • and then, the results from each household should be combined together with HHWT.

See: Should I use individual weights (wtper) in order to compute per capita household income?

I hope this helps,