Homeownership (HETENURE) Missing from CPS November Voting Supplement 2018


I have been unable to find homeowner information (HETENURE) for the 2018 CPS November Voting and Registration Supplement. The 2018 CPS Voter Supplement Survey suggests that it was asked and is denoted by HETENURE like previous years, but availability for HETENURE does not include the 2018 November supplement. Is the data missing or was it never asked?

Thank you

The availability of the HHTENURE variable is a bit tricky. We do not currently have tenure data beyond June of 2017 for basic monthly samples. The reason for this is primarily because this variable is not included in the original release of the public use basic monthly files (we are not sure why). The data available on IPUMS CPS (through June 2017) are there because we were able to receive these data via the Census Bureau’s Data Ferret tool. However, Data Ferret was decommissioned last year and its replacement is still in beta. Even before it was decommissioned, we only had only spotty success getting Data Ferret files to download, and there are insufficient variables available through the replacement tool to properly attach to our data. As the replacement is in beta, availability of these data might change and we will keep an eye on HHTENURE specifically. That being said, we don’t have any indication that these will be available in the near future.