Hi, I wonder why the data about some employed (at work) people's travel related to working(180501)could be zero.

Hi, I found that the data about many employed people’s travel related to working is 0. I think it’s impossible. Can you tell me why? Thank you very much!

Most of the cases reporting no travel for work even though they are employed are from Saturdays and Sundays. You can identify the diary day using the DAY variable. Of course, in some other cases, respondents might be employed but not might work each weekday.

There are a couple of other explanations as well. First, some respondents may not travel for work, especially those who are self-employed. You can identify self-employed persons with the CLWKR variable. Additionally, note that respondents answered the employment questions well in advance of completing their time diaries, so some respondents who were employed at the time of the CPS survey may not be employed by the time they are included in the ATUS.