ATUS Relationship between 'earnweek' and 'uhrsworkt'

Hi, I’m using data from all ATUS respondents 2003-2018 included, total cases 201,151. Two questions:

  1. Why is ‘earnweek’ = 99999.99 (NIU) for 12,447 cases which have well defined values of ‘uhrsworkt’?

  2. Why is ‘earnweek’ NIU for 1,748 cases for ‘uhrsworkt’ = 9995 (hours vary), when it is well defined for 5,024 other cases which have ‘uhrsworkt’ = 9995?

Thanks much, SG

The universe of EARNWEEK is employed ATUS respondents, excluding those who are self-employed or working without pay. The universe of UHRSWORKT is employed ATUS respondents. You can see that the only respondents who have valid values of UHRSWORKT (which could include 9995 values) but are NIU for EARNWEEK are self-employed or working without pay (see CLWKR variable). Checking the universe tabs of variables you are using can often help answer these types of questions.