Foreign-born (Immigrant) counts at year and county level since the 1990s

I am looking to obtain yearly, county-level foreign born (ideally, by country or continent of origin) for years from 1995-2013 (or even 1990 to 2013 if possible).

It does not need to be for all counties in the country, just looking for some data with a county FIPS code and foreign-born variable. The CPS does have county-level data with a foreign-born variable, but apparently is not representative at the county level, so I cannot make foreign-born estimates. The ACS does not include those two variables until 2005.

If county-level is not available anywhere, I could also do MSA or other lower-level geographic areas, and try to use a yearly cross-walk to county FIPS somehow (need to merge with other data for which I have county FIPS).

Thank you!

It sounds like you should be able to leverage IPUMS USA to answer this question. The COUNTYFIP variable contains county-level identifiers decennial census data years (decennial Census for 1990, 2000, and 2010 and ACS for 2005-present), though only about 40% of counties can be identified. If you are interested in a sub-state geographic unit that can be used for the entire U.S., see the PUMA variable. Foreign-born populations can be identified using BPL (birthplace), which reports the U.S. state or country of birth.