FIPS Code for CITY in 1990

I am struggling to find FIPS codes for any CITY or PLACE data in 1990. I may be overlooking something minor in my data selection process. Is there a way I can build these codes or a way to determine which city I am looking at when downloading a sheet? Any help is much appreciated!

It sounds like you are downloading your data in .csv format. Unfortunately, the CSV formatted extracts do not include labels. Fixed-width extracts include syntax files for Stata, SAS, SPSS, and R which include value labels for any variables in your extract, so if you have access to any of these programs, that would be the easiest route. However, if you intend to perform your analysis using your .csv file you can find the labels associated with each code of the CITY variable on the codes tab.

I am pulling the data from the CITY variables on the codes tab. The issue is that I am unable to see which city is being used. I am pulling data from 1990. I can’t seem to get the correct data. Is there a phone# I could call to walk me through the process? Thanks for your help!

I will reach out to you via email and we can set up a time for a phone call.