Estimating standard errors for state occupation counts from historical census

Curious if there’s a recommended procedure for computing standard errors for state-level occupation counts (using PERWT) using 1900 - 2000 decennial data? I’m interested in understanding place-level uncertainty in occupation counts for few specific occ1950 codes in a few specific occupation categories, and worry that I might be overstating certainty in the stability of the time series.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to compute a SE for each state-year-occupation sum computed from the 1% sample data. Thanks for any guidance!

IPUMS provides guidance for inputting and setting up survey data in R, but does not propose any specific method for calculating standard errors in R. Researchers should consult the relevant literature and practices within their field for recommended procedures. You might find this IPUMS forum post a good place to start. The subpop() will work with srvyr to help analyze subsamples of survey data.

thanks for the guidance!