eldercare vs. adult care yesterday?

There seem to be about 2-3% of respondents who say yes they provided eldercare yesterday (ECYEST=1), but don’t list any time spent caring for or helping a household or non-HH adult.

Is this a bit of a response error? Or might it relate to secondary vs. primary activities? Appreciate any advice on how to interpret this.


Yes, this sounds like it could just be measurement error. I do note a couple details, that may help explain this observation. First, Only eldercare providers are eligible to report engaging in secondary eldercare. Eldercare providers are the respondents who report having provided unpaid assistance more than once in the past 3-4 months (prior to the interview day), to a person who needed help because of a condition related to aging. Second, Secondary eldercare of household and non-household elderly is not recorded if the respondent’s main activity is any of the personal care activities (01xxxx) or personal care services (0805xx).