Earnings non-response in ASEC Supplement

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I apologize in advance if this issue has an obvious solution or if it has been already answered. I am using the incwage variable in the March CPS supplement (ASEC). It is well-known that there is non-random non-response in this variable. There seems to be a quality flag variable for incwage, qincwage. However, this variable is not included in the data after 1987.

Is there any other variable documenting whether earnings are allocated that is available after 1987?

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As noted in the Description page for INCWAGE, starting in 1988 this variable is constructed by summing INCLONGJ and OINCWAGE. Both of these variables have allocation flags after 1987.

Dear Matthew,

Many thanks for your response. I should be more careful when reading the variable descriptions. Apologies and thanks for your time.