Donated dwellings?

Hi everyone. I am looking at the Argentine 1970 census sample, and trying to understand what these two variables mean. I don’t think they have anything to do with property donation, since our census has never collected such information.

Variable name “AR1970A_DONATED” – Labelled as “Donated dwelling”

Variable name “AR1970A_D_NUM” - Labelled as “Donation strata: strata number”

Thanks for any assistance!


“Donation” describes data about a household (or person) being used to fill in incomplete data for another household or person. These variables flag that information about a household record was “donated” from other household records because of missing, fragmented, or corrupt records. Donation is carried out through a hot-deck allocation procedure that finds the most proximate household that shares key characteristics with the household being replaced. The source variable (original variable) AR1970A_DONATED flags whether a portion of a household’s data was donated (allocated) by other similar households. The corresponding harmonized IPUMS variable is HHDONATE. The source variable AR1970A_D_NUM indicates the donation strata number.