Donated dwellings? what this means?

Hi everyone. I am looking at the Argentine 1970 census sample, and trying to figurte out what these two variables mean. I don’t think they have anything to do with property donation, since our census has never collected such information.

Variable name “AR1970A_DONATED” – Labelled as “Donated dwelling”

Variable name “AR1970A_D_NUM” - Labelled as “Donation strata: strata number”

Thanks for any assistance!


“Donation” describes data about a household (or person) being used to fill in incomplete data for another household or person. These variables flag that information about a household record was “donated” from other household records because of missing, fragmented, or corrupt records. Donation is carried out through a hot-deck allocation procedure that finds the most proximate household that shares key characteristics with the household being replaced. The source variable (original variable) AR1970A_DONATED flags whether a portion of a household’s data was donated (allocated) by other similar households. The corresponding harmonized IPUMS variable is HHDONATE. The source variable AR1970A_D_NUM indicates the donation strata number.

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Great, thank you Isabel. I guess it’s what I call data “imputations”.
One more question. Do we know if this donation procedure was made by IPUMS? or was it already included in the original raw sample files?
I’m finding some inconsistencies in some variables from this 1970 argentine sample, which I may be sharing with you soon

These allocations were performed by IPUMS. Please do share any issues or inconsistencies you see in the data with us by email at

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