DOINGLW2 variable

This variable is described on p.2 of the DRAFT 2017 NHIS Questionnaire - Sample
Adult (Adult Identification). Here’s the question ID and other information.

Question ID: ASD.062_00.000 Instrument Variable Name: DOINGLW2 QuestionnaireFileName: Sample Adult QuestionText: Corrected Employment Status Last Week: (not displayed)

This variable corresponds closely to Bureau of Labor Statistics employment and labor force categories. It would be extremely useful to me. But I can’t find the data anywhere.

Many thanks for any advice. Be gentle, I’m a rookie here.


Tony Lima

The variable from IPUMS NHIS that you are looking for is EMPSTATSA. You can also find all other work-related variables here. There are a lot of variables in IPUMS NHIS, but in the future, if you are searching for a variable and do not know the exact variable name, the “search” feature under “select variables” here can be quite useful.

There’s a link to a discussion of the EMPSTAT variable just after your reply. I’d appreciate it if you could take a look at my (lengthy) post over there.