Does anyone have any update about wellbeing variables such as Life satisfaction and quality of life in NHIS data?

I want to know which variables can be used as wellbeing variables from NHIS 2016 data, since there are no specific wellbeing variables as mentioned in below table.

I couldn’t find following variables in any of the recent NHIS data.


National Health Interview Survey (NHIS)


  • Quality of Well-being Scale.45
  • Global life satisfaction.
  • Satisfaction with emotional and social support.
  • Feeling happy in the past 30 days.

Unfortunately the quality of life variable (QUALOFLIFE), the life satisfaction variable (SATISFIED), and the happy in lat 30 days variable (HAPPY30) are not available in the 2016 sample. The IPUMS NHIS 2016 samples does have variables relating to psychological distress, which are referred the Kessler 6 variables. These include AEFFORT, AHOPELESS, ANERVOUS, ARESTLESS, ASAD, and AWORTHLESS. These are not exactly wellbeing variables, but are close.