Displaced Worker Supplement - type of educational institution?

Hi IPUMS Staff,

I’m wondering if the DWS contains information on the type of post-secondary educational institution a respondent attends (e.g. public, private, for-profit, two-year college)? In the technical documentation file I see the “Level of School Completed/Degree Received” variable, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to know what kind of educational institution granted the degree/credential? Thanks in advance!

Some of this information is available in the Education Supplement, but not in the basic monthly CPS. Unfortunately this is fielded in October, while the DWS is fielded in January or February. The only way to get variables from both supplements would be to link records for people who started their CPS rotation in October and ended in January, using CPSIDP. The number who can link in a given year will only be 1/4 the size of a typical monthly CPS sample, which you can see using the CPS rotation pattern explorer tool. You can read more about linking CPS records here.

Thanks for the quick reply! I have one more question – by linking, would I also be able to see a respondent’s type of academic program or workforce training (i.e. health professions and related, construction trades, arts, etc.)?

There is a variable EDSTUDY which gives field of degree, but it is only available in 2002 and 1994. There’s a generic vocational training variable, too.

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