Density of extract

I am trying to download the full datasets for the ASEC files for the last 20 years. I have been trying just to select the variables that I need and also all the variables available. The issue is that every time I download my selected data I only get either 0.1/0.2% of the full data file.

How can I make sure to download all the data available?

It isn’t clear to me if the issue is that your extract definition doesn’t contain the variables of interest, or if you aren’t able to successfully download the custom data extract that you have requested. I will note that 20 years of ASEC data will result in a fairly large file–it is possible that your internet connection or lack of storage space is part of the issue. I will also note that by default, because of their size, IPUMS data extracts are delivered as compressed (.gz) files and will need to be unzipped or decompressed before using them in most stats packages. ASEC samples can be explored with our online data analysis system (I am sharing a brief video tutorial and a data training exercise that both provide guidance on using the system).

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