Date for Dec 2020 Food Security Release

Hi. Is there a timeline for when the food security supplement from Dec 2020 will be released? If there is a way to see expected release dates, please let me know. Thank you, as always, for this great resource.


These data have not yet been released by the Census Bureau. Once they have been released, the IPUMS CPS team will work to add them to our database quickly. We will post news of the release on our revision history page, Twitter, and send an email update. The 2018 and 2019 Food Security Supplements were available via IPUMS CPS in December of the following year (as per the revision history page I linked earlier).

We do not have a specific release calendar. However, a summary of the IPUMS CPS approach to basic monthly data releases is described in this forum post. The process I described above for the Food Security Supplement is generally true for other CPS supplements.

Thanks! For some reason, I thought the Dec CPS Supplement was out. My mistake. :slight_smile:

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